Geodata Inc provides our clients with decision-making and strategic planning data

Our clients in the Banking & Finance industry can profit from gaining a deeper understanding gained by analysing data and strategically utilizing the data to achieve a competitive advantage.

Our globally consistent and comparable data can be used in the Banking & Finance industry for:


·         Customer Analysis & Management
Characterising customers with sociodemographic, socioeconomic and consumer styles provides useful insight to the market segmentation of selected locations. Leveraging our data facilitates enhanced target marketing activities and tailoring local strategies accordingly.


·         Market & Location Analysis
Our Geodata supports pinpointing demand and supplies to their geographic locations which helps to quantify regional sales opportunities and market potentials. Strengths and weaknesses of certain areas can be evaluated and unused market potential can be identified to be restructured, optimized and expansion strategies developed. For market segmentation and definition of the target group in this sector, our sociodemographic and socioeconomic data along with political risk data can be utilized. Our data helps provide greater understanding and clarity of the market size, its changes and insight to customer needs for products and services.


·         Performance Monitoring
Competitors, as well as potential customer zones, can be identified through our geospatial data. Quantified and realistic objectives can be formulated and local economic forecasts can be set.


·         Risk Assessment
Insurance professionals need accurate and reliable maps and databases. With CRESA Plus product we offer a basis for aggregated risk assessment, exposure management and reinsurance negotiation & reporting.




Data products that fit the needs of the Banking & Finance industry:

  • Sociodemographic Data
  • Socioeconomic Data
  • Political Risk Data
  • Consumer Styles
  • Global CRESTA Plus (Catastrophe Risk Evaluating and Standardising Target Accumulations) 

The data can be supplied in the following formats which allow easy loading to most database platforms:

  • Tab delimited file (TXT)
  • KML
  • Access database (MDB)
  • Excel (xls)  industry: