Our Portfolio of Globally Consistent and Comparable Geodata

Socio-Demographic Data


Total number.
Shown as projected averages for current year. 

Total number.

Classification of the population by gender and five age bands.

Male / Female

Number of unemployed people.

Ten different consumer styles for market segmentation and determination of target groups.

Economic Data


Disposable income per capita of a certain area’s population.

Quantifies the expenditures of consumers on certain groups of products.

Relates to the proportion of Purchasing Power of a certain area’s population that is available for spending in retail.

Measures the turnover of local retail trade.

Retail Turnover divided by the Retail Spending within an area.

The Online Shopping Affinity is an index to analyze the online shopping activity and affinity. This can be used to identify target groups with a high affinity for online-shopping. Online-Shopping Affinity is also perfect for the analysis of digital awareness e.g. car sharing, e-mobility and electronics.

Mobile Trace Data

Mobile Trace Data

Global Daytime Population Density gives information about the size of population that is present in a given area during the day.

The data on retail focus areas enable location analyses of branches and competitior’s branches or points of sale in stationary retail. Visitors to certain branches or points of sale (e.g. shops, shopping centers / zones) can be identified and their movement patterns and whereabouts can be made visible over an extended period of time.

Global Travel and Tourism Data provide information about where tourists come from, how many tourists visited a defined region and the duration of their stay.

Global Area Boundaries


Worldwide, seamless coverage  of postal and administrative vector boundaries

Digital Worldmap Global CRESTA Plus (zone maps data) helps brokers and reinsurers assess and present natural hazard risk.

Political Risk Data


Data-driven information about current and emerging conflicts worldwide. Identifies political risks for location, logistics and and investment security and helps to develop targeted adaption strategies.

HERE Technologies


Detailed street maps from HERE Technologies enables people, enterprises and cities to harness the power of location. HERE Technology complements the GeoData Inc portfolio with globally consistent and comparable geodata for business-critical geospatial analysis.