We support our clients in the Tourism and Hospitality industry to attract and connect with their visitors by supplying data which accurately define their target market. Leveraging global mobile trace dataset our clients gain a deeper insight into the behaviour of their visitors and target groups. We are able to further encourage differentiation by providing details of visitor movement patterns including whereabouts prior, during and after their visit. We provide granular aggregated segmentation, affording our clients to get even closer to the level of the individual visitor profile, their purchasing patterns and loyalty. Comparative analysis using our data highlights our clients’ competitiveness within their market segment. Our product is derived from digital mobile applications globally which is refined and aggregated in strict compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Origin and number of tourists visiting Memphis, USA in September 2019

Our globally consistent and comparable mobile trace data can be used for:

  • Insights into the customer journey
  • Customer analysis (where are they during the day and at night)
  • Catchment area analysis
  • Target group-relevant implementation of marketing strategies
  • Competitor analyses, analyses of visits to competitor’s stores
  • Insights into customer loyalty
  • Avoidance of marketing scatter loss
  • Budget savings
  • Benchmarking
  • Identification of advertising and marketing locations
  • Logistics optimization by avoiding areas with high population movements
  • Real estate management and investment evaluation

Data products that fit the needs of the Tourism industry:

  • Global Daytime Population Density
  • Retail Focus Areas
  • Movement Data

The data can be supplied in the following formats which allow easy loading to most database platforms:

  • Tab delimited file (TXT)
  • KML
  • Access database (MDB)
  • Excel (xls)